Establishing an exuberant online social presence for reputed institution.

Finest technical education

S.A. Engineering College is one of the top engineering colleges in Chennai. Competition Success Review has recognized the institution placed 27th among the Outstanding Engineering Colleges in India. A fast-emerging college with a vision to transform the institution into a quality technical education centre, we had to develop social engagement for the college through active online participation.

Targeting the right audience

Our challenge was to make the college reach out to the right audience on a social platform, by providing consistent and cognitive strategies through marketing which will help them to thrive among the socially competitive colleges and universities. One that helps them to manifest themselves in an appropriate way, to the right people.

Connecting through optimization

In order to build a brand presence among the huge student community, we decided to continually engage through social media networks. Our aim was to reach out to the target audience through conversion rate optimization. Creating designs that align with the mission and vision of the college while keeping in mind not to compromise in style and approach helped maintain the overall standard and personality of the college.

By narrating stories of the events, programs and celebrations centred in the campus, we could establish a position and point-of-view that differentiates and connects with people, students, parents and larger target audience.

Active social media engagement

We worked together with the team at S.A. Engineering College to establish several strategies such as running cross-channel campaigns, metrics to analyze ROI  and much more that aligned with the colleges’ ambition and their audience’s interests. Strategies defined were based on the activities and events carried out by the college, but this differed from time to time based on our analysis, which helped us to instinct concrete approaches.

Content marketing provided us with an effective hand by focusing on the community of our audience. Contents were created in accordance with the posts, and the words were chosen carefully, such as words that help to optimize the engagement rate with appropriate hashtags. Furthermore, we had several live broadcasts of the events and fests happening in the college to bridge the gap between the targeted community in order to maintain better transparency.

In doing so, we created a brand ecosystem where people could connect with the college and explore more about the culture, art of infrastructure and method of teaching. Eventually, this helped the college to land up with its own community of people filled with students which gradually helped them to haul their brand presence.