Crafting a state of the art website that drives business.

One-stop architectural and engineering solutions

Saudi Architects is an award-winning, world-class architectural planning and engineering consulting firm based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They aimed to provide total pioneered architectural solutions and services that are aesthetically pleasing, unique and economical. Their area of expertise range from feasibility studies and consulting, building and site evaluation, interior design and graphic design, structural engineering, master planning and urban design among many others.

Our call was to completely redesign their website, improve overall site architecture and navigation, to enable efficient user navigation and frictionless user experience for audiences and implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress.

Structured strategy

Saudi Architects follow a certain design philosophy. They embrace and evaluate energy performance by adding certain techniques and modelling to their typical design process. Similarly, Saudi Architects have consistently advocated the use of water conservation initiatives in their buildings, including water-efficient fixtures and equipment, rainwater harvesting, and landscape designed for minimized irrigation. In addition to this, they also design and implement certain procedures to withstand and maintain when there are forceful sand storms.

We were called to completely refresh their website, we looked into their work, every aspect of it and noted down their every need and added multiple contemporary features. Working on a set deadline we came up with a structured plan. Our team started by defining a website strategy that would achieve Saudi Architect's growth objectives, create strong visibility on search engines, provide a consistent flow of high-quality leads, and support their sales & marketing efforts long-term.

Bringing it together

From analysing and researching to implementation, our UI / UX design focuses on the experience of the customer and conveys note-worthy value to our client. Saudi Architect's branding was kept in place, and we worked with their existing palette to give the site a more polished, modern feel with their imaginative solutions. We focused on creating additional space to incorporate their impactful imagery. Every page right from projects to the blog page, the concept speaks for itself and creates an emotional connection through eye-catching images. Through the redesign, we also lightened up the site's overall feel.

On top of the projects gallery, the site also features deeper company story content like their certifications, environmental care, and community involvement. With improved navigation and a better overall UX design, it's a much better digital representation of their quality, experience, and dedication. Structural and visual rescaping following audience network helped reduce bouncing rate from 78% to 48% in a calendar month.

Starting from the home page and scrolling over the inner pages, all the information is organised perfectly to let the visitors know about the company and the solutions that they offer. The new website is fresh and user-focused with easy-to-navigate pages featuring Saudi Architect's work, their expertise, and a company overview.