Effortless administration process through a robust CRM software.

Eliminating the manual management process

The seed of social consciousness seeded back 30 years has branched into vast educational illustrations collectively known as the Velammal Nexus. Velammal's social responsibility towards education provided quality knowledge at an affordable price. Their area of expertise helped them to establish various educational institutions from schools to engineering colleges. Velammal's motive of education delivered young minds with the most prominent potentials and assisted them in finding the best possibilities to showcase their skills.

Velammal is a massive group, which altogether has 4750 staff. Managing their educational prospects and other managerial processes was a big deal. Velammal was looking for an alternative to automate their management process right in time we were equipped to provide solutions for their need our idea was to develop CRM to maintain their staff's managerial possessions.

Understanding the requirements and processes

Velammal is a modern gurukulam delivering the ancient benefits through a contemporary education system. Apart from their good deeds of spreading quality education, Velammal also contributed their part in developing social responsibilities among their students.

The organization realised that it’s manual data management wasn't efficient and that’s where we come in. We decided to implement CRM software to organize the information and simplify the processes. Designing a custom CRM that is consistent, user-friendly interface that the team will be able to adopt quickly and easily with minimal training.

Like with all good decisions for technology implementation, the first step for a good CRM implementation is the strategic decision to change or improve business processes in the organisation. Then CRM can be translated into a strategy that is aligned with the organisation’s business strategy. Then the organisation’s technical, human, and organisational capabilities need to be analysed, as the rest of the components are being formulated.

Automating the management process

We worked alongside Velammal's management to understand their process in handling the applicants, recruiting, scheduling, and raising tickets based on the absence of staff. Our team took into account the applications of the applicants and instilled the necessary process to solve the issue. After receiving approval from various heads of the department, from the principal to the HR and vice versa, we decided to develop a CRM as their solution.

Initially, we started with a layered approach in identifying the heads of the departments and how they raise the tickets based on the absence of staff. Focusing on the managerial perspective and working on the approval of applications, we also developed an applicant portal through which the applicants can view their status of applications. Identifying the limitations and restrictions of each department and heads, we developed access specifier based on their responsibility. Unified-multi format report generation reduced Avg TAT by 84% during transaction and activity logging. Eventually, we delivered a complete CRM to manage Velammal's managerial prospects and nullified their odds of manual management.